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It is true that we have been able to negotiate millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We will list the most recent cases. We do not mention the cases in which we have obtained a court decision awarding our clients 100% disability, that means future medical care and income guaranteed for life. In other cases, like the ones we shall list, we were able to negotiate and close them for a large amount of money. Here are a few examples:

October 2012 
Driver and Distributor vs. Transportation Company; Compensation $3,500,000

While loading boxes to be distributed on the company truck our client suffered a back injury, which later stemmed to his lower extremities. Additionally, our client entered into a depressive state due to his injuries and sought psychological care which the insurance company denied. Upon going to trial we were able to obtain a disability rate of 100%, including medical care for life for his orthopedic and psychological needs. On a later date we reached a settlement with the insurance company for the previously mentioned amount. 

June 2012
Construction Worker vs. Construction Company; Compensation $1,750,000

Our client experienced a fall from a scaffolding on which he was working and was hospitalized immediately. Due to the seriousness of our clients injuries we were able to obtain in home nurse care as just compensation. 

December 2011
Nurse Assistant vs. Hospital; Compensation $2,000,000

While helping one of her patients that had lost their balance, our client, felt back pain trying to prevent her from hitting the floor. The insurance doctors sent our client back to work on light duty and said her pain would subside. Needless to say, her injuries were far greater than the insurance company led her to believe and included both legs. Another insurance doctor indicated that our client had no psychiatric damage, which was not the case. Finally, thanks to our intervention, the insurance company ended up accepting all orthopedic and psychological injuries.  

August 2011
Maintenance worker vs. Homeowner; Compensation $7,000,000

Our client was working at an estate home doing regular maintenance, yard work, and cleaning, when he lost 3 fingers trying to cut a piece of wood with and electric saw. Two months after the accident the insurance company denied the case, on the basis that our client was at fault for the accident because he was distracted, and was not using the homeowners saw. The insurance company offered a maximum of $1,000 to cover our clients medical expenses. In the end, we defended our client to obtain one of the largest compensations in the state of California. 

July 2011
Foreman vs. Construction Company; Compensation $1,900,000

Initially our client had received 93% disability status, including life pension and future medical care for life. After reopening the case because his health was deteriorating, we were able to obtain the aforementioned amount of compensation for both of his hands, left arm, and all his psychological turmoil.  

October 2010
Restaurant Assistant vs. Hotel; Compensation $2,700,000

The client’s first attorney went to trial and obtained a compensation of 16% equivalent to less than $11,000.00. After seeking our help, we re-opened the case obtaining all of the other benefits not considered before. The insurance company maintained their position offering $10,000.00 for months until reaching a maximum of $50,000.00, in which we did not accept. The final compensation reflects the damages due to the back injury and psychological damage.

April 2010
Carpenter vs. Construction Co; Compensation $2,000,000

Fall from a scaffold. The company stated that our client was never employed by them and that they did not know who he was, trying fraudulently to avoid any responsibility in the case. His disability of 95% and medical treatment for life finally led to settling the case for the amount indicated.

March of 2010
Machine Operator vs. Textile; Compensation $2,700,000

After sustaining an injury to his knee while working on a machine, the client was initially incapacitated at 70% but the case re-opened due to his physical and mental condition worsening. His disability increased to 100% with permanent homecare assistance, and the case closed for the amount indicated.

February of 2010
Kitchen Assistant vs. Pizzeria; Compensation $1,700,000

After partial amputation of the arm, the client began developing considerable psychological problems. The first attorney made a demand of $250,000.00 to settle the case. The insurance company made a counter offer for less money and the case never settled. The client then came to us for representation and we were able to increase the compensation considerably.

October of 2009
Housekeeper vs. Hotel; Compensation $700,000

While working, the client slipped and fell, injuring her back and knee and suffered from fibromyalgia. Her first attorney made a demand of $80,000.00 to settle the case. The client was not satisfied with that amount and came to us for representation.

June of 2009
Asbestos Worker vs. Contractor; Compensation $3,200,000

After falling from a ladder at around a height of ten ft. the client suffered serious injuries. The insurance company accepted the case but ended the benefits once the amount reached $19,900.00 claiming that the amount paid was sufficient.

January of 2009
Housekeeper vs. Employer; Compensation $2,850,000

After several surgeries to her back, the client developed problems with depression and psychological issues. The initial offers from the insurance company started at $200,000.00 and gradually rising from $500,000.00 to $700,000.00. Finally it settled at a more realistic and just amount.

December of 2008
Tow Truck Driver vs. Employer; Compensation $1,500,000

While handling the bed of the tow truck, the chain wrapped around and pulled his hand. The client severed a few fingers. Based on the medical reports of the defense, the insurance company indicated that the case was only worth $9,000.00 Finally, we were able to settle his case in the amount that he deserved.

May of 2008
Gardener vs. Employer; Compensation $1,800,000

Having lost his vision after injuring one of his eyes, he developed psychological problems and needed treatment and permanent monitoring.
March 2007
Housekeeper vs. Hotel; Compensation $2,250,000

A 44 year old client that suffered injuries to the back and extremities while moving a bed. Medical treatment, therapy and surgery were provided, among others benefits. The initial maximum offer from the insurance carrier was originally $120,000.00.

January 2007
Kitchen Assistant vs. Supermarket; Compensation $2,500,000

Our client suffered injuries to the back and abdomen. We replaced the client’s previous attorney and were able to obtain temporary disability benefits. Finally, after treatment, we were able to close the case.

January 2007
Packer vs. Clothing Company; Compensation $900,000

Our client injured various body parts as a consequence of heavy work load and a fall in the factory. The case was initially denied by the insurance, but was won in court.

June 2006
Laborer vs. Metal Factory; Compensation $700,000

A worker that suffered injuries as a result of continuous heavy labor. The insurance carrier’s doctor discharged the client after less than four months of treatment; the insurance carrier offered less than $10,000.00 to settle the case. He was awarded the surgeries and medical treatment necessary.

May 2006
Supervisor vs. Charitable Organization; Compensation $450,000

After falling in a ditch, the client suffered injuries to various body parts, in addition to complications that arose from the use of medication necessary for the treatment of injuries.

September 2005
Laborer vs. Construction Company; Compensation $1,000,000

The client suffered injuries to the leg, when a truck unloaded material without noticing that the client was working behind the vehicle.

July 2006
Machine Operator vs. Photographic Company; Compensation $2,000,000

The client injured their back while loading a heavy roll of plastic they used on a daily basis. Various surgeries were required and we were able to have the court award the patient homecare assistance. We were later able to close the case.

July 2006
Teacher assistant vs. College; Compensation $500,000

Our client suffered three accidents, since the insurance carrier’s doctors kept releasing the patient to work without, or with minimum restrictions, which exacerbated her condition. The first injury happened while moving cabinets at work. Since she was ordered to return to work by the doctors, the client injured her back and other body parts.

June 2005
Painter vs. Contractor; Compensation $600,000

The client suffered a fall from a height of 20 feet, after the equipment used to paint elevated areas, fell over while he was on it. The client required intensive care to treat various body parts injured. Emotional injuries arose as a consequence of this traumatic fall, which were considered as part of the client’s compensation.

June 2005
Laborer vs. Construction Company; Compensation $425,000

The client suffered injuries to the extremities and back. Medical treatment was obtained to alleviate the injuries caused by many years of heavy labor.

March 2005
Dispatcher vs. Department Store; Compensation $700,000

The client fell from a ladder and continued working per the recommendations the insurance carrier’s doctor. A short time after, the client’s hour were cut back, and was finally fired. The client sought legal assistance, but after being unsatisfied by the previous attorney, we began representing the client until the case was closed.

July 2004
Truck Driver vs. Employer; Compensation $450,000

The client injured lower extremities as a result of prolonged driving for many years.

January 2004
Kitchen Assistant vs. Restaurant/Hotel; Compensation $450,000

After a slip and fall, the client injured their arm, shoulder, and back. The client was offered surgery and intensive medical treatment.

March 2004
Housekeeper vs. Employer; Compensation $2,200,000

After slipping and falling from the stairs in the house, the client suffered injuries to the extremities, head, and back.

November 2003
Cook vs. Restaurant; Compensation $880,000

The client suffered two accidents at work; the first occurred while loading sacks of sugar and the second after a fall, since the client was returned to work when he was in no condition to return to work.